On the day or day after your trash cans are emptied, BINS 2B CLEANED is on our way! 24-48 hours prior to your service you will receive an email, text, or phone call reminding you of your service! To begin the cleaning process, we start with high pressurized water that reaches temperatures over 190°F. The water pressure will remove any liquids or food that rodents and bacteria feed on. The water temperature disinfects the trash can, removing any existing bacteria sitting inside. All waste water is collected in the truck's waste tank and properly disposed of offsite. Finally, your trash can is deodorized with an EPA-approved formula, ready for what life has to throw at it, or in it! Signing up is quick and easy! Sign up online for your preferred service plan with only a few simple clicks, or simply call or text (650) 523-9300.


At BINS 2B CLEANED we pride ourselves in being one of the first trash can cleaning services in San Mateo County, committing ourselves to serving our community. Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria are just some of the harmful bacteria that can thrive inside your garbage can. Using high-pressurized water at temperatures over 190°F, we successfully kill over 99.9% of harmful bacteria, and finish with an eco-friendly deodorizer. Dirty cans are things of the past. BINS 2B CLEANED is the future!

Why Should You Clean Your Garbage Cans?

Garbage cans are not only smelly, they’re full of bacteria. It’s the ideal breeding ground for flies, maggots and other harmful substances that are found on touch points of a garbage can lid or handle that have a potential to make you sick.

Leave the Dirty Work to Us!

  • Even the most durable, tied up bags leak and spill, especially during garbage pickup day. When they do spill, those remnants act as a welcome mat for harmful bacteria, molds, fungi, and other biological conditions. Every time you open your dirty garbage cans, you are exposed to whatever may have developed in your cans over time.
  • Cleaning your garbage cans regularly can decrease or possibly eliminate the risk of infection and illness from these contaminants. Let’s not forget the fact it will get rid of the foul odors that can seep into the cracks and crevices of your cans that linger long after the garbage has been collected.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

We will do our best to get your first cleaning completed on the day of your very next trash pickup. But always on the day, or day after, of your trash pickup. After that, the recurring cleanings will be scheduled on the day of the month our truck will be in your area.

The day before each cleaning you will receive a text or email reminder of the upcoming cleaning. After each cleaning we will put a sticker on each can. All past and upcoming scheduled cleanings are also listed on your customer portal.

Yes, in order to properly clean and sanitize the cans we will need them to be empty. If there are a few pieces of trash left in the can we will remove them, bag the trash, clean the can, and put the bag back when we are finished.

Yes, If you would like to schedule an extra cleaning and you are signed up
for a service plan, we will gladly come out to provide an extra cleaning for
a charge of $30.

About the owner

  • BINS 2B CLEANED is owned and operated by George Houston. A United States Marine Corps veteran, who also spent over 25 years in law enforcement before retiring.


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